Very Merry Emii Ustream導入!

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2月15日の放送より、Very Merry Emiiの生放送中のスタジオをUstreamにて生中継します!

遠方にお住いで、スタジオまでお越しいただけない方も、スタジオに来た気分で、Very Merry Emiiをお楽しみいただけます!



Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 12.12.36 AM


黄色の矢印『ラジオ高崎ON AIR LIVE!!』ボタンをクリック!



毎週日曜日午後3時ラジオ高崎『Very Merry Emii』

毎月最初の放送では、Emiiの生歌が聴ける「Very Merry Concert」を開催!!



You can now watch Very Merry Emii live on Ustream!

To watch the show, please visit Radio Takasaki official web

then click the button pointed by the yellow arrow.

Ustream is also available on your smartphones as well!


Radio Takasaki “Very Merry Emii” Every Sunday from 3pm.
It will be performed live from Takasaki station East exit satellite studio so please come and support Emii.

Emii sings live every first week of the month in the segment called “Very Merry Emii”!!

Reruns on Tuesday 8pm!
Of course you can listen to the radio anywhere in Japan through internet!!